Reserve human friendly name for your address.

What's easy to remember a friendly name like JohnDoe or long address ?

Step 1: Check for name availability

Step 2: Reserve name to be mapped to a your address

We will mapping this name to the NAS address from which you are submitting the transaction.Will cost you 0.1 NAS(Think of it as buying domain)

Step 3: Once the transaction is complete. Check if the name is mapped to your address

Mapped to address :

Step 4: Check current bid for a name

Current Bid :

Step 5: Set bid if you want to sell your NameLedger handle

Lets say you want the name DappExperts but its taken. You can buy it from someone else (like a domain name) and get it mapped to your address.

Step 6: Transfer name ownership from some one else to you.

How can people use this service?

Monetization on these names